Fruit bearing avocado tree indoors

Fruit bearing avocado tree indoors

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Fruit bearing avocado tree indoors

How to take care of an indoor avocado tree?

Summer is here. Like the backyard and trees in the forest it is not a surprise, it is an everlasting part of nature that one should not get too bothered about.

However, during the warm summer months in Canada it becomes important to not let your plants to struggle to enjoy its weather. If you find the green leaves of the avocado start to wither, then you can plant it indoors.

The tree on the image is a hybrid on the Sunset series. What I’m trying to say is that it is a product of the best you can find on the market today.

Avocado hybrid Sunset – photo courtesy of

It is also important to buy a healthy one. The fruit is free from dirt and has not developed any necrotic spots.

It does not take long to get one. All you need to do is to find a place indoors where it will not struggle with a heat pump and a bunch of flies.

Both avocado plants need to be water from the start until the end. Too much water may make the wood expand.

I’ve prepared a document that will help you determine if your pot is waterproof.

Pros and cons of Avocado trees indoors

You can grow avocados indoors. If your avocados are in the sunshine all the time, then you can plant them indoors for your winter holiday.

Their availability and the capacity to have them on demand means that it will be much easier for you to take care of them.

You don’t have to pay for a lot of materials to make them grow.

You don’t have to spend on gardening materials, food and flowers. It is just a matter of selecting a nice container that will provide the best growth conditions.

Now, it would be great if I did not tell you how much will they grow. After all, it is a matter of luck.

You need to set them in a spot where it will be in the shadow. They also need to be watered several times a week to avoid too much growth.

It is better to take an avocado tree outdoors to a spot where it can enjoy the breeze and not to have to worry about a heat pump.

How to grow avocado trees indoors?

Before you start gardening it is good to ask yourself a few questions:

How cold are you in your home?

Do you already have a green thumb?

Do you have a good sense of time and do you want to add avocado trees to your holiday schedule?

You do not have to spend time in the backyard planting and watering. You can just stay in your house and wait for the end of the year.

To grow avocado trees indoors you will need a pot.

I’ve prepared a list of the pots that you can use.

You can use a plastic container. It will keep your avocado tree safe from insects.

You need a pot for you avocado tree. An interior pot with enough drainage is recommended for this.

You should be ready to get two pots if you want a healthy growth.

Just make sure that the depth is at least 30 cm. If the pot is not deep enough, the roots will not have the oxygen they need.

When it comes to the roots they grow rapidly. By taking care of your avocado tree’s pot you will have no problem with the nutrients that they need to grow.

An avocado tree needs at least 10 cm of water during the warm season. If you are using a plastic pot, then you can fill it with water. It is also wise to add a few drops of a 10% sodium bicarbonate into it. It is better to do this before putting the pot outdoors.

Once the avocado tree reaches 20 cm of roots, then it should be planted in its own pot. It will protect it from the elements.

It is the season for summer holidays and it is good to be in your house all the time.

You don’t have to spend more time than you want.

I strongly believe that you should look for a container that will fit in your